Quercetti Tubò makes learning Times Tables fun! Twist each end of the tube to show the two numbers to be multiplied and there’s your answer! The Quercetti Tubò is compact and easy to carry around in the child’s school bag, or to keep on their desk for easy reference.

So in a world where we avoid most forms of rote learning, is it still important to rote learn Times Tables? Most definitely YES! Children who know their times table cope far better with mental arithmetic, and are far more confident in their maths’ skills. They can work faster in solving mathematical problems and they most certainly have a better understanding of mathematical computation. It is however vital that the child first has a good concept of number, and of simple arithmetic before beginning to master times tables.

Children of about 8 years of age should begin to master their times tables, and by the end of primary school they should know all their times tables to 12 or 15. Keep it Fun!

Ages: 7+