The Rainbow Stacker is a classic childhood toy! All the colours of the rainbow are represented in these eight smooth, easy-grasp wooden pieces.


  • Toddlers from about 18 months can begin to put the rings over the rod in this fun colourful stacker. This is a lovely way to develop spatial and placing skills.
  • Learn the name colours and to count while stacking the colourful rings.
  • The child can also begin to learn about size and order while stacking these rings, which are smaller and smaller the higher you stack. Avoid telling your child how to stack the rings in order, but rather leave them to play with the rings and to work out for themselves how to create the pyramid shape. In working this out for themselves, they will have worked through this logical process and will have gained far more than if you tell them how to do it.

Size: Stacker measures approximately 20 cm.