Sensory Stuff’s Rubber Massage Brush is made of rubber and is non-allergenic. They are not scratchy, and yet provide good deep pressure input, which may assist with sensory organisation.

How to Brush

Use slow, even strokes of the Rubber Massage Brush ensuring that you provide deep pressure to the skin as you brush. Brush the arms, hands, back, legs, and feet, using firm “up – down” strokes. It is best to avoid brushing face and tummy. Should the child find the input unpleasant, try to avoid brushing areas that are more sensitive at first, and then gradually begin to brush these areas as well. It is important that brushing should be respectful of the child’s sensory preferences.

Try to brush at least four times a day for at least four weeks, for optimal results. Brushing for a period longer than four weeks is necessary for some children, and will assist in organizing the nervous system, just as deep pressure massage would do.

Product Care: Wash in warm soapy water, rinse gently, and let dry.

We highly recommend that brushes are not shared by others.  Each person should have their own brush kept in a separate container or place.