ScienceWiz Light includes a full-colour book which guides children through hands-on experiments. The book nurtures a love of science with carefully crafted projects that work.

Learn about the fundamentals of light: lenses, reflection, refraction, microscopes, telescopes, cameras, and the speed limit of the universe in this ScienceWiz™ classic

25 activities which include:  Split light into a cascade of rainbows – Make a kaleidoscope – Mold lenses – Make a microscope and telescope – Capture a shadow – Construct a pinhole camera – Bounce, bend and blend light – Play the “I Spy” game with mirrors – Solve filter puzzles

Contains all materials except for common household items and d-cell battery

Contents: A light wand, 2 magnifiers, a motor, mylar mirrors, rainbow diffraction glasses, a prism, alligator leads, coloured filters, light sensitive paper, lens moulds, parts for camera obscura and a 40 page book.

For ages 6+

Not suitable for children who mouth toys – Contains small parts – Adult supervision is essential