Smash, dissolve and create rocks! Enjoy exploring and manipulating the oldest objects on the planet – rocks. This comprehensive kit is packed-full of projects to enthuse young geologists. It helps relate rocks to the history and structure of the planet.

There are 18 activities in all, and a 56 page experiment and teaching guide.

Build and slice open a model of the earth. Yes, with the included modeling materials construct the earth’s iron core, the mantle, and the thin outer crust. Cut the model in half and develop an understanding of the earth’s structure. Then, make a churning lava fountain and observe the force of the earth’s different density layers.

Create your own lava flows – runny to oozingly thick – and explore various volcanic rocks. Make your own pyroclastic eruptions to different degrees.

Connect the earth’s crust to real rocks and experiment with igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Deposit sediments to make your own rocks and compare with actual rock formations. Make your own fossils. Learn about the humble origins of exotic metamorphic rocks such as marble.

18 Projects, including:  mold a model of earth – create a churning lava fountain – construct and erupt volcanoes – explore igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorhic rocks – make a rock tray – float and burn rocks – make a sandstone rock – pulverize soft rocks – acid test limestone – form a fossil

Ages: 8+

Contents: modelling material, over 20 rock samples, plaster of paris, 1 magnifier, 1 ring magnet, rock tray, sticker and a 56 page book

Not suitable for children who mouth toys – Contains small parts – Adult supervision is essential at all times