Silli-con Mats

Silli-con mats, have a number of uses for babies and children of various ages and abilities

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Silli-con mats, have a number of uses for babies and children of various ages and abilities. Connect the identical puzzle pieces to make a long mat to use as a textured walkway. Babies and toddlers can also crawl across this long soft textured strip. Let your baby lie on a carpet or other floor surface with their hands and forearms on the mat, to allow them to explore it’s amazing textures. When turned to the reverse side, some of the mats have wonderful indentations which can encourage little fingers to poke and prod, encouraging finger isolation and pointing. Silli mats are non-toxic and can be mouthed by babies. Avoid biting and chewing by older children whose firm bite could damage the mats.

Older children can walk along the mat with their eyes closed and feel and describe the various textures.  The single mat with the textured footprint is great for encouraging correct positioning of the foot, when standing, in physical therapy.

Preschoolers practicing picking up small beads for improving fine motor control, can place the beads into to depressions on the reverse side of the mat.  The beads can be placed in colour sequence to work on sequencing or sequential memory. (Beads not provided).

Silli mats offer a whole new adventure when used with playdough! Using soft pliable playdough, press the dough onto the sheets to form a flattened piece about 1cm in thickness, – now peel off the dough to reveal a beautiful pattern embedded in the playdough.

Product Details:

  • Made from BPA free silicon
  • Non-slip
  • Eco friendly
  • 6 Interlocking squares measuring approximately 25cm x 25m each
  • Each pack has 6 vibrant coloured squares in blue, orange, green, pink, purple and yellow