Skipping Ropes

Ends of the handles can be opened to allow for the rope to be adjusted for length to accommodate the child’s height

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Skipping Rope Small

A Skipping Rope with a sturdy, plastic handle. The ends of the plastic handles can be opened in order to allow for the rope inside to be adjusted for length in order to accommodate the child’s height.

Determining the Correct Length: When the child holds the handles of the Skipping Rope in each hand with his elbows bent at 90°, the bottom of the rope should just touch the ground. Adjust the length of the rope accordingly.

5 Meter Skipping Rope

The five meter long Skipping Rope is a great way to encourage interactive play. Two children hold the plastic end pieces and turn or swing the rope while children in the middle jump or skip over the rope. Great for working on motor planning.