Colourful Story Stickers are made of printed foam and are easy to handle. Peel off the backing and place the sticker onto paper or onto a theme board to create a beautiful picture. Children can create a story using the stickers. Younger children will simply relate their story, while older children can write the story using the picture stickers to illustrate their story.

The themed stickers can of course be used for a number of other activities, but we really like to use them to encourage language creativity and to tell a story!

Children who have difficulty in drawing, can be encouraged to do so, by using the stickers to add to their picture. Encourage your child to draw a farmyard, with green meadows, bales of hay, fences and barns. Then let him use the picture stickers of animals, to add to his picture.

Similarly encourage your child to draw a Pirate Picture with lots of waves on the sea,  pirate ships, sunshine and seagulls, following which the pictures of pirates and treasure chests are added to the picture to decorate it.  Children who have difficulty in drawing and in making their pictures resemble what they were in fact trying to draw, will often feel reassured when their picture “looks” good!

Background illustrations are not included.

Each set sold separately