Sensory Stuff’s Stretchy Tube is a most flexible and highly elastic tubing that is particularly strong. It can be stretched to double its length and will regain its original appearance when released.

Made of medical grade TPE, a material that can safely be chewed and sucked on with no toxic effects.

Stretchy Tube can be used in place of resistive band in muscle strengthening exercises. It can also be used in oral-motor therapy and exercises as a chew item.

Use as a bendable, flexible straw, it works well for sucking up thin and thick liquids. It can be used for sucking smooth-textured yogurt to strengthen oral-motor musculature. It can also be used as a suction tool for picking up lightweight objects that are larger in diameter than the 0.5 cm hole that runs through the middle of the tubing.

Sensory Stuff’s Stretchy Tubing has a diameter of approximately 1 cm, while the a hole in the centre of the tubing measures approximately 0.8 cm.

Contents: Each pack contains three, one meter length tubing in vivid orange, blue, and lime green.

Caution! – Prevent children from stinging each other while either stretching the tubing, or by whipping it around. Like any flexible tubing, this could cause possible injury when used in this manner.