Time Timer makes it easy to “see” time. The Time Timer has a patented red disk which moves anti-clockwise to give a visual display of the passing of time. When set to measure 60 minutes, the full red circle is visible, and it steadily moves around reducing the size of the red portion until no more of the red portion is visible, at which point, 3 short beeping tones are sounded.

The timer can be set to measure from one minute, up to 60 minutes.  The beeping alarm tone may also be turned off, so that no tone is audible when the time is up.

Time Timer helps to answer the question, “How much longer?.  No other teaching aid reinforces the concept of elapsed time like the teacher-tested Time Timer. The moving red disk of the Time Timer makes the passing of time visual and also shows how much time is left. Children will easily understand the Time Timer even when they cannot tell time on a traditional clock.

The visual design of Time Timer helps ease transitions and encourages independence and productivity for all abilities, including those with Autism, ADHD, or other special needs. It is of particular value in assisting children who have difficulties with planning and with time management.

Sizes:  Approx 7.5cm (3 inch), Approx 20cm (8 inch) and Approx 30cm (12 inch) – Batteries (AA) not included

A study conducted by the Department of Exceptional Student Education at Florida Atlantic University found that children showed a significant increase in self-regulation skills when the Time Timer® was used to facilitate their activity. The children, who were at risk of developmental delays, were observed performing typical individual or group activities such as reading picture books or playing with blocks. When a Time Timer® was utilized during their activity, each child’s accuracy and engagement in the activity increased dramatically.

Special Needs  Time Timer delivers a sensitive solution to time management for all special needs. In Special needs, Time Timer applications include:

  • Guidance for individuals with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Dyslexia.
  • Monitoring time during counselling and therapy sessions.
  • Geriatric care, such as memory prompting for medications and appointments.
  • Stroke and brain disorder rehabilitation.
  • Perfect for both individual and group settings, the Time Timer helps make every moment count.

Use the Time Timer to:

  • Teach the concept of time
  • Train students to use time wisely
  • Track the duration of activities
  • Monitor standardized tests

Everyday Life  At home and in everyday life, the Time Timer has a million uses that will help you become more productive, more organized and more relaxed throughout the day.

  • Help children focus on their homework
  • Balance TV (or computer) time with playtime.
  • Stick to practice and workout schedules
  • Assist with “start/end-of-day” routines.
  • Better allocation and management of time during meetings.

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