Tricky Fingers is lots of finger fun and requires planning and strategy in order to move the beads into the right places to match the patterns on the card. This little wonder-box filled with colourful beads is an awesome toy for improving finger coordination and control.

This game can improve hand-eye and fine motor coordination as the child moves the balls around in the grid by pressing the balls from underneath the grid.

Bilateral coordination is improved as your child must keep the grid steady with one hand as the other move the balls around. If they move the grid, the balls will roll out of place, and they will have to start again.

Visual perception skills such as visual-spatial relations are improved as the child must find the correct spot to place their ball to ensure it looks the same as the picture card.

Contents: 2 Tricky Fingers play boxes and pattern cards

Ages: 4+

Single or 2 player game.