Tubes and Wheels colourful construction set enables endless design options, your little one will have lots of fun building all sorts of imaginative creations. The pieces simply slide into one another, making it easy for children to construct anything they can dream up. And when it’s time to start a new project, the pieces can be taken apart with minimal effort, allowing for hours of fun and exploration.

Not only is this set fun, but it’s also great for your child’s development. As they play and build, they’ll be working on their fine motor skills and logical thinking skills.

The set includes 64 plastic pieces in various shapes, including 4 wheels for added versatility. Whether they’re creating cars, wheelbarrows, or moving pipelines, your child’s imagination will be the only limit to what they can build. And when playtime is over, the set can be easily stored in the clear plastic tube that it comes in.

Please keep in mind that this set contains small parts, so adult supervision is recommended. This will ensure that your child can play safely and enjoy all the benefits of this lovely construction set. With pieces ranging from 4 to 7cm long, this set is perfect for children who love to build and create. Let your child’s imagination soar with this Tubes and Wheels construction set today!