Visual puzzle

Get creative with Visual Puzzle using the colourful geometric shapes. Use the original board inserts and place the shapes onto the board.

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Develop visual spatial perception using the colourful geometric shapes in the This game challenges and develops visual spatial orientation, as you need to orient the geometric shapes in your mind, before placing them.
Use the geometric shapes to create pictures and designs. There is a card with several designs to copy.

You can also test your visual spatial skills by completely filling the inset board with the tiny geometric shapes. This requires excellent visual spatial planning skills. A card which shows how the pieces can be arranged to completely fill the inset board, has also been included in the game. For children who are still developing their visual perceptual skills, simply copying this arrangement of geometric shapes can pose can challenge.
Visual Puzzle is a great visual perception game at any level of the child’s development from around age 5, through to the senior primary phase.

The Visual Puzzle can assist with the following:
• Visual perception
• Recognition of shapes and colours
• The small pieces are useful as good fine motor skill is required in orienting the pieces
• Spatial orientation
• Logic and creative thought

160 geometric pieces in 4 different colours (40 in each colour)
Ages: 5 to 12+ years

Players: 1 or 2 players