Well developed visual skills are most important for good reading ability and for all academic learning to take place.

The delightful characters on these Visual Tracking Pencil are attractive to children. Use them to engage the child visually, as you assess and train visual tracking skills.

Ensure that the child is sitting comfortably, with their feet firmly on the floor to provide for better postural stability while you involve the child in any visual skills work.

Hold the Visual Tracking Pencil with the little creature at the top, in line with the child’s eyes, and at a distance of about 30 cm from the child’s eyes.

To work on tracking skills, move the Visual Tracking Pencil across the child’s visual field, from one side to the other, keeping a slow and steady movement pace, and ensuring that the creature remains approximately 30 cm away from the child’s eyes. As the child gets the idea of how he should visually track by keeping his gaze steady on the creature, you could begin to change the movement so that the eyes need to track the back and forth across various positions in the visual field, and not only from left to right and back.

To work on convergence and divergence skills, that is, movements towards the face and away from the face, begin with the little creature about 30 cm away from the child’s eyes, in line with the child’s eyes, and in directly in front of the child. Slowly move the creature towards the child’s eyes, stopping at a distance of about 5 cm from the child’s nose. If the child’s eyes do not continue to hold their focus as they turn inwards, take the little creature back a little further away from the child’s face to a point where the child’s eyes are both focusing on the creature.

There are a whole number of creatures to choose from, to keep the child’s interest as you create a story and work playfully on improving visual skills. Have fun!

Always consult with your child’s developmental optometrist regarding your child’s visual acuity and visual skills.

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