Sensory Stuff’s Weighted Baby Blanket is soft-textured and offers cosy, soothing, and organising sensory input to fussy, restless babies. Settle the baby to sleep before placing the weighted blanket over the baby.

Most babies will settle better having the weighted blanket over them if they are already asleep. Do not pull the blanket up over the baby’s head, but rather simply over the baby’s body.

Measurements: Sensory Stuff’s Weighted Baby Blanket weighs approximately 1.750 kg and measures approximately 65 cm x 75 cm.

Available in Navy Blue and White

Caution! – This product should be used under the guidance and direction of an Occupational Therapist trained and experienced in Sensory Integration. The Sensory Stuff Weighted Blanket should only be used with babies 6 months and older and able to roll or to wiggle their way out from under the blanket if necessary. It should not be used with babies of any age who do not have the ability to roll and to push the blanket off them. Weighted Baby Blanket is not a toy and should be removed when the baby is not sleeping. Do not let the baby chew on this blanket as it contains small beads that may cause choking. Please check seams regularly.