The Weighted Wrist Cuff is made from soft fabric and has two small pockets containing weights. Great for steadying the hand when involuntary movements or tremors are present.

We have designed our weighted cuff to offer a variable weight option. There are two pockets which can each accommodate two weights.  When all the weights are in place, the cuff offers approximately 200 grams of downward pressure on the back of the wrist. If two of the weights are removed leaving only two weights, the weight is reduced to approximately 100 grams. We suggest that you use either two or four weights, to allow for even downward pressure on the back of the wrist. Using one or three weights, is likely to cause the cuff to slip around the wrist and will not likely offer even distribution of weight across the wrist.

Fasten the Weighted Cuff around the child’s wrist by wrapping the cuff around the wrist and then securing the Velcro firmly. The weights should preferably be positioned above the wrist on the dorsal surface of the forearm.

The weighted cuff should be used under the direction of a physical therapist or an occupational therapist, and should only be worn for 20 – 30 minutes at a time.

Fits a wrist circumference of approximately 14 – 15 cm.

Contains one wrist cuff with Velcro fastening, and either 2 x approximately 100 gram metal bar weights or 4 x approximately 50 gram metal bar weights.

Please remove weights before washing the cuff.

Additional information

Weighted Wrist Cuff

2 x 100g Weights, 4 x 50g Weights