Quercetti Fanta Colour Garden

Quercetti Fanta Colour Garden. A colourful, creative, fun way to strengthen fingers!

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The Fanta Color Garden Pegboard offers and fun and creative way to make pictures using colourful pegs. The pegs are in two different sizes. The small holes in the pegboard make this a perfect game for encouraging the development of pincer grasp in young children. The colourful pegs come three different sizes to encourage a varied grasp as well as making it possible to create an exciting picture. There are also little butterfiles and flowers which can be postioned on to the pegboard.

The pegboard can be positioned vertically. This is a most useful feature, since this position encourages wrist extension, which is an essential component of good hand function in preparation for later handwriting!

The pegboard has two large handles on either side, making it easy to carry. The peg and small pieces are all stored inside the clip-down carry case, making this a most handy and perfect travel toy.


  • 200 pegs in 3 different sizes (10, 15, 20 mm) and in 6 colors
  • 1 peg-board
  • 1 carrying case
  • 1 easel stand
  • 8 Peg animals

Ages: 4+

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