Quercetti Filo Lacing Board

This quality rubber Lacing Board offers a completely novel way make creative designs using a plastic lacing pen. The lacing tool is held using a typical pencil grip, and this activity is great for strengthening pencil grip and improving pencil control. Improves imagination and artistic ability.

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Product Description

The thread can be pushed through the holes in the Filo Board in two ways. The threader can be threaded by pushing the thread all the way either up or down the threader, and it will then automatically "weave" or "trace" a line as the threader is pushed into each hole. Alternatively, the threader can remain unthreaded and the lace remains free but is positioned over each hold in turn, and the threader is used to push the thread into each hole, thus creating a line with the thread in a similar manner as above.

This is sometimes an easier option for a younger child working working alone or unassisted as they do not have to be able to thread the lace through the threader. This activity can be graded by simply getting the younger child to push the lace into the holes to create a straight line. For example, make a rectangular pattern using a different colour for each rectangle as the thread is traced around the edge of the board making first a big rectangle and then smaller and smaller rectangles. An older child, perhaps from about 6 years, can follow a pattern card with some guidance. Older children can set up the task by threading their own threader, work out where best to begin the task, and then work through the pattern card to complete the picture. This is a lovely spatial task that incorporates counting and visual memory as the child needs to remember where on the card each thread is positioned, and then to position the thread on the same place on the rubber Filo Board. The Filo Lacing Board offers wonderful proprioceptive input as the child needs to push the threader against the resistance offered by the rubber Lacing Board.

The child also needs to learn to grade his pressure so as to apply just the right amount of force so that neither pushes too firmly or too lightly. This game offers wonderful sensory integrative opportunities for children learning to write as well as to those struggling with handwriting. It is also great fun for any child, regardless of ability. Contains a large variety of pictures on double-sided good quality sturdy picture cards, to capture the interest of any child.

Content: Each box contains the following:

  • Four Lacing Pens.
  • Eight Laces.
  • Nine Cards and Nine Cards with Templates.
  • One Filo Board with self-locking slots.
  • One Case with handle.
  • One Instruction Manual with examples.

Ages: 4+

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