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The Sensory Stuff Snuggle Taggie is your baby's ideal soft-textured first cuddle toy.

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Sensory Stuff's Snuggle Taggie's soft, soothing textures is the ultimate 'doodoo blanky' (also referred to as comfort object or security blanket). The soft chenille and smooth satin tags provide just the right soothing touch experience for your baby. When falling asleep your baby will rub the Taggie between their fingers or on their face.

As your baby gets older, you will notice some major developmental changes that usually happen between six and eight months, including crawling, the (potential) transition from three naps down to two, as well as an increase in your baby's separation anxiety. That's a lot of changes. Transitional objects often referred to as a comfort object or security blanket is one way that parents can help baby feel safe and secure.

Let the Taglet be a Part of Your Day

  • Use it to play peek-a-boo, or as a snuggle blanket for your baby during feedings.
  • If your baby is irritable and unsettled, provide 'comfort and cuddles', always ensuring the Taggie is on your shoulder for him to cuddle into.
  • Place your Taggie in your baby's hands when he is settling to sleep for babies older than four months.

Ensure the Taggie does not cover your baby's face. Test that your Taggie satin ribbons are secure at all times. Pull each satin ribbon with moderate force. If you are able to dislodge the ribbon, please replace the Taggie.


  • Perfect Size: Just the right size for your little one to carry around wherever he goes.
  • Soothing: Soft chenille and smooth satin tags provide just the right soothing touch.
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