Tangram Game

A timeless, Chinese geometric puzzle that consists of a flat plastic square that has been cut into seven shapes. These shapes are arranged to make pictures. There are 80 different designs to make. A great game for developing an awareness of spatial orientation and position in space.

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This Tangram Game has two sets of Chinese Tangram shapes each in a different colour, which can be used to make up the many picture designs on the cards. The one side of the card shows the design when fragmented, and can be used by younger children to orient the geometric pieces in order to make up the picture. Older children and adults can flip the card over so that only the "solid" or unfragmented picture shows, and they will then need to work out which shapes were used to make the picture, and to the correctly orientate and assemble the shapes to make a picture. The Tangram Game can be used from about age six with some adult assistance and teaching. This is a great visual perception game for teaching spatial orientation and position in space.

Another useful way to use this game: Children can also be encouraged to trace around the shapes in order to draw the designs on the cards, once they have assembled the puzzle. The use of the game in this manner would be appropriate from about age seven. When used to trace around the pieces, the Tangram Game offers a great bilateral fine-motor task that requires considerable accuracy and pencil control.

Contents: Two Sets of seven Piece Tangram and 80 Cards with Different Designs.

Ages: 6 to Adult.
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