Theratubing provides organising resisted input, which is appealing to the sensory seeking child. Chewing or tugging on Theratubing can provide calming input. Available in three colours for greater or lesser resistance.

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Theratubing Green Less Resistant
Theratubing Blue Moderately Resistant
Theratubing Black Very Resistant
Product Description

Rubber tubing that comes in one meter lengths and has many purposes. It can be used for strengthening the leg or arm muscles by pulling on the tubing. It can be a chewing item for a restless child. It can be used as a pipe to blow through or a piece cut off as a pencil grip, or chewy pencil end.

In the event that you would prefer to have a longer length of Theratubing that is uncut, kindly contact Sensory Stuff via email at to make this request, and to confirm whether we are able to assist you with your requirement before placing your order.

Contents: A packet of one meter Theratubing in either green, blue, or black.


  • Green - Less Resistant.
  • Blue - Moderately Resistant.
  • Black - Very Resistant.
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