Time Match

Time Match. A great way to teach children to recognise the time whether it is depicted in analogue, digital or written form.

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Time Match is a great card matching game which assists children in learning the different ways in which time is told or represented.

Contains 20 large three piece colour-coded self-correcting Activity Cards (total 60 cards) which can be used to play different matching activities and games given in the Activity Guide. The children will - 1. Match analogue and digital time, 2. Match analogue and time in words 3. Match analogue, digital and time in words, 4. Sequence time. The children may also play different memory games like Concentration, Snap and Fish to enhance their observation, visual discrimination and problem solving skills.

Skills Developed

  • Number Concepts
  • Mathematical Operations
  • Geometry (shapes)
  • Life Related Maths
  • Develop social skills and provide wholesome fun.
  • Place Value


  • 20 Three piece colour coded, self-correcting activity cards - (60 large pieces)
  • Acticity Guide

Ages:  5+

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