Toss and Catch

Toss and Catch. Grab a hold of the wooden handles and quickly bring your hands together to catch the ball in the fabric. Then quickly move both your hands outwards at the same time, to propel the ball out of the fabric catcher. A lovely game for developing ball skills.

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Toss and Catch. Sensory Stuff's Toss and Catch takes ball skills to a new level. A great fun gross motor tool for developing bilateral hand skills and eye-hand coordination and ball skills. Hold the wooden handles, one in each hand. Now scoop a ball up in the Toss and Catch, and bring your hands together to stop it from rolling out. Briskly move both your hands outwards to launch the ball back up into the air. Keep your eye on the ball so that you can again catch it in the Toss and Catch. 

The Toss and Catch can be used with a large light-weight ball such as the Gymnic Soffy Ball, a smaller light-weight ball such as the Gymnic Softgym Over ball, or even and tennis ball or a beanbag. Use a second Toss and Catch to play with a friend! The rules of the game can be graded according to each child's ability.

Ball not included

Ages: 5+

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