Trapeze Swing

Trapeze Swing. A wonderful swing for strengthening hands, arms and shoulders!

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Trapeze Swing. This is a great gross motor tool to add to any playground, or to use in a therapy room.

Encourage the child to pull up onto the swing using a strong cylindrical grip with the thumb wrapped around the swing. Grasping in this way instead of simply using the fingers to hold, will help develop the arches of the hands and to develop muscles of the thumb. Also encourage the child to pull up onto the swing by bending his arms at the elbows instead of simply "hanging" on the swing with arms straight.

Lastly, encourage the child to keep his shoulders down and slighty back, while swinging, instead of letting his shoulders pull up towards his ears. If the child really struggles with these last two approaches, be aware that he still lacks the strength to pull up onto the swing properly and encourage other shoulder strengthening activities such as weight bearing on the hands over a peanut ball, and playing games such as wheelbarrow walking.

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