Weighted Duvet Single Bed

A 2,000 mm x 1,350 mm single bed sized Weighted Duvet. It is supplied without a cover, since a standard duvet cover will fit the weighted duvet.

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Product Description

This product should only be used under the specific direction of a therapist trained in Sensory Integration to address sleep hygiene issues.

This Weighted Duvet is for use on a single bed and fits a single bed size duvet cover. There is no cover provided, and this Weighted Duvet can be fitted with your own selected cover to match your decor. The carefully hand-crafted Weighted Duvet has small pockets of plastic beads that are evenly distributed throughout the Duvet to ensure even weight distribution.

Measurements: The single bed sized weighted duvet weighs 9.1 kg and measures 2,000 mm x 1,350 mm.

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