Wheel Connectors

These colourful wheel connectors can be pushed into each other using a simple push action. The wheels are just the right size for little hands, and pushing and pulling them apart requires only a little effort for toddlers.

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These simple, colourful wheels offer nice textured objects for toddlers to hold and to explore while learning to connect construction pieces. The pieces need to be aligned slightly so that they can fit into each other before they are pushed together. Playing with Wheel Connectors can help to develop manipulative hand skills and bilateral hand use (use of both hands in an activity, with one hand assisting the other).

Some creative ideas:

  • Snake: Push the wheels together to make a long, colourful snake.
  • Flower: Use a yellow wheel to make the centre of a flower, and push in petals of a different colour to make the petals for the flower.
  • Necklace: Use a threader or piece of string with sellotape tip at the one end (not provided) to thread the wheels onto to make a necklace.
  • Gears: Preschoolers can also hold a wheel in each hand, and roll the wheels into each other, so they they move like gears.

Contents: Each plastic container has 60 wheel connectors, in four bright colours.

Ages: 18 months and up.

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