This lovely colourful windmill is easy to blow and spin. Great for Oral-motor development.

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This colourful, lightweight Windmill spins easily as the child blows directly at the windmill.  Encourages oral motor control of the lips and cheeks as they purse to allow a narrow stream of air to be blown at the windmill.  Encouraging blowing on a long outbreath in order to keep the windmill spinning. Great for extending lung capacity and for activating the breath.

Anxious children often tend to breath shallow breaths. Blowing in this way, as well as blowing bubbles and blowing on whistles, can assist in encouraging greater expansion of the chest and of the breath. By encouraging an extended outbreath, one naturally encourages a reciprocal deeper inhalation.

Discourgae the child from puffing in short sharop out-breaths as this may result in hyper-ventilation which is to be avoided.


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