Wooden Inset Puzzles

A variety of colourful simple inset wooden puzzles, with delightful pictures,  for preschoolers

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Inset Puzzle - Cat
Inset Puzzle - Cock
Inset Puzzle - Dragonfly
Inset Puzzle - Fire Engine

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Inset Puzzle - Owl
Product Description

These delightful wooden inset puzzles are great for preschoolers to build. The wooden backing inset board holds the pieces firmly in place and makes it easy for little hands to fit the pieces into place to assemble the simply colourful puzzle picture.  These simple puzzles help young children to gain confidence in assembling puzzles.

Develop observation skills, visual analysis and synthesis and part-whole perception while having fun! Placing the pieces encourages manipulative hand skills, and prepares young children for assembling jigsaw puzzles in which pieces need to be connected.

Ages: 3 - 5 Years

Puzzles measure approx 15cm x 15cm

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