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Choose from a 12-piece Playground Puzzle or a 36-piece Classroom Puzzle. The child can build the puzzle in the wooden puzzle tray and can be guided by looking at the same-size picture on the cover sleeve of this puzzle.

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Wooden Puzzle Playground
Wooden Puzzle Classroom
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Wooden Puzzle Playground Outside Play is a 12-piece quality wooden interlocking puzzle of a fun and colourful outdoor playground. The clever design of the cover sleeve of this puzzle has a picture that is the same size at the completed puzzle.

Help build your child's vocabulary and expressive language skills by identifying and talking about the play objects and other things in the picture.

This puzzle helps to develop visual part-whole concept as well as basic visual analysis and synthesis. The pieces are slightly larger to accommodate young hands as children develop their manipulative hand skills in connecting the pieces.

The compact size of this puzzle is great when storage space is at a premium, as 4-5 puzzles can be stacked in the space which would normally be occupied by just one puzzle.

Size: The puzzle measures approximately 295 mm x 215 mm x 5 mm.

Ages: 3 and up.

Grade: Preschoolers 3 - 5 years.


Wooden Puzzle Classroom Going to Grade 1 is a 36-piece quality wooden interlocking puzzle depicting a school classroom. The child observes and is guided by the same size picture of the completed puzzle that appears on the cover sleeve of the puzzle.

You can work on vocabulary and language enrichment with your child as they build the puzzle and name and identify objects, people, colours etc.

This vivid picture also allows for discussion of spatial concepts such as "next to", "below", "above" etc..

This puzzle helps to develop part whole visual perception, cognitive skills, and manipulative hand skills.

The compact packaging of this puzzle makes it a winner in a space-constrained classroom, as 4-5 puzzles are stacked in the space normally occupied by one boxed puzzle.

Size: The puzzle measures approximately 295 mm x 215 mm x 5 mm.

Ages:4 and up.

Grade: Preschool and up.

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