Wooden Transport Puzzle

Wooden Transport Puzzle - A simple Peg Puzzle puzzle for toddlers and preschoolers

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Wooden Transport Puzzle. The pictures of various trucks and cars in this toddler peg puzzle are featured in a picture in the middle of the puzzle. When this puzzle is being used by very young children, (18 months +), removed the puzzle pieces from the centre of the puzzle and set them aside until the child is a little older, and will be able to construct the simple jigsaw puzzle using these pieces. Encourage language by talking about the various cars, planes and other transport pieces. The youngster can also point to the same picture in the middle of the board. As your toddler's visual perception ability develops, he will be able to assemble the simple jigsaw in the middle of the board. The underlying picture makes this task a whole lot easier for toddlers, and provides a great way for teaching toddlers to assemble a jigsaw, as they simply place the pieces over the identical piece in the picture!

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