Get ready for some fun with Funny Pet Stickers! This set includes 3 double-sided sticker boards featuring adorable outlines of a dog, cat, fish, bird, mouse, and rabbit.

Simply peel off the stickers and place them on the faces to create your own unique pet designs.

But that’s not all – this activity is not only entertaining, but it also promotes the development of fine-motor skills and a pincer grip.

By stabilizing with the ulna or ring finger side of the hand and controlling the stickers with the thumb and index finger, children enhance their ability to grasp and control writing tools like pencils and crayons.

The set comes with stickers of eyes, noses, mouths, teeth, and spots, allowing children to get creative with their pet designs.

Suitable for children aged 4 years and older, Funny Pet Stickers are a lovely way to have fun while improving important motor skills.

Funny Pet Stickers Contents:

3 x Double sided sticker boards with the outline of different animals – Boards are approximately 27cm x 20 cm

Stickers of eyes noses, mouths, teeth and spots

Suitable for children agedĀ  4 years +