Ignite your child’s inner engineer with Tooky Toy’s Gear Game! It’s the perfect blend of complexity and simplicity, designed to captivate young minds.

Place any of the six double-sided cards onto the wooden pegboard mat, then strategically position the gears in the provided holes. Sounds straightforward, right? But the real challenge lies in making all the gears spin seamlessly.

As you rearrange the gears, they move in perfect harmony, creating a mesmerising interplay of motion. This versatile gear set explores the magic of mechanics and science, nurturing imagination and experimentation.

Gear Game introduces children to the fundamentals of sorting, grouping, counting, designing, constructing, and the fascinating world of physics.

Boost fine motor skills and sharpen reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Each spin and rearrangement is a chance to develop crucial cognitive skills while creating captivating, colourful experiments in motion.

Gear Game includes: 6 spinning cogs – 6 reversible pictures – A wooden pegboard mat

18 months+

Single Player

Adult supervision and assistance needed for younger children.

Choking hazard – small pieces