Shiny Bell Beanbag is lightweight and great for use with children who have special needs. The child who has central visual processing impairment, and who can see shiny objects will be drawn to the small shiny spots in the fabric of this little beanbag.

The bell sounds as the beanbag is shaken, giving the visually-impaired child an auditory cue.

This little beanbag can be used to assist in facilitating reaching and grasping, as well as helping to develop visual tracking in the visually impaired child.

Also great fun for usual throwing and catching games in typically developing children.

Although care has been taken in handcrafting our Shiny Bell Beanbag, care should be taken to avoid letting the child chew on the Fabric Cushions. Do not leave the child to play with them unsupervised.

Fabric cushions measure approximately 10 x 10 cm’s