Get ready for a sensory adventure with our Water Gel Beads! These amazing beads start off as crystals, but when you soak them in water, they magically transform into small, squishy Gel Beads. Children will have lots of fun discovering their unique texture as they squeeze and slide them through their fingers.

Take the fun up a notch by hiding small objects in the bowl of Gel Beads and let your child enjoy finding them. These Gel Beads are not only a hit with children, but also a favorite among florists who use them to add a pop of colour to flower arrangements. So go ahead, let your child’s imagination run wild with these colourful and delightful beads!

Available in 10 gram packs of dry beads

We cannot guarantee the final colour of the water gel beads. Please if you are using these for special occasions or flower arrangements, keep this in mind.

Caution! – CHOKING HAZARD! Whilst these beads are not toxic they should most certainly not be used with small children who might put them in their mouths. This product should always be used under supervision, especially with younger children.

Additional information

Gel Water Bead Colours

Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Clear, Mixed