A weighted pencil can provide several benefits for children and adults, especially those with motor and sensory challenges.

Sensory Stuff’s variable Weighted Pencil Topper is supplied with 5 weights which are fitted onto the topper.  The cap on the top of the weighted topper can be removed and weights organised to the required weight.

When the pencil is at the correct length, the weight will rest on the hand between the thumb and index finger. The child should grasp the pencil on the shaft, about a centimetre above the top of the sharpened section.

Topper is approximately 6cm long and designed to hold a hexagonal slim pencil but will also fit a round pencil. Pencil is not included.

Total weight of the weighted topper approximately 28 grams with each removable weight weighing 5 grams.

Use under the direction of an Occupational Therapist.

Choking hazard – small parts.  The Weighted Pencil Topper can be dismantled and should only be used under adult supervision.

Provides proprioceptive input: Proprioception refers to the sense of body awareness and position. The additional weight of the pencil provides sensory feedback to the hand and fingers, enhancing proprioceptive input.

Increases sensory feedback: The weight of the pencil increases the sensory feedback received during writing or drawing tasks. This heightened awareness can help individuals better control their movements and apply appropriate pressure on the pencil.

Enhances kinesthetic awareness and joint position sense: Kinesthetic awareness refers to the ability to sense and control body movements in space. By adding weight to the pencil, individuals can gain develop a better sense of the position of their hand and fingers while writing or drawing improving their overall kinesthetic awareness.

Can be beneficial for tremoring: Individuals who experience tremors or shaky hands, such as those with ataxia, can benefit from the steadying effect of a weighted pencil. The additional weight helps stabilize the hand, resulting in less shaking and more controlled movements.

Increases gripping ability: The weight resting on the hand in the web-space  between the thumb and index finger encourages a firmer grip on the pencil. This increased gripping ability can make it easier to hold and control the pencil, making it easier to write and to draw.