Sensory Stuff’s wooden Whirligig Spinner is a timeless toy and has entertained and challenged children for eons!

The instruction was simple, “Hold the handles, flip the disc around in circles, pull the string taut and then pull and release the handles inwards and outwards to make the disc spin around and around”. So very much easier said than done!

This toy challenges children’s timing skills, works hand muscles and tests their patience! It will take a while, but will be well worth the learning experience when the challenge is mastered and the child announces “I can do it!!

A Whirligig Spinner is great for improving and working on:

  • Bilateral hand coordination
  • Hand muscle strength
  • Timing and sequencing of movements
  • Planning ability
  • Developing a sense of rhythm
  • Improving concentration

Take it a few steps further once the skill has been mastered, – Ask the child to try it with their eyes closed.  Or once the disc is spinning and you have developed a good rhythm, take one hand down and one hand up to pull and release on the diagonal.

Ages: 5 to adult