Wooden Pinchy Pegs are just the right size for little hands to use. Encourage your child to use the tips of their index finger and the tip of the thumb to pinch the peg to open it. Place the peg onto the top of an open box or small tin to decorate it, or use the pegs in craft work. The opportunities are endless with  just a little imagination! A great way to strength pincer grasp..

Therapy Note:

“The Pinchy Fingers”! Strengthening of the thumb, index and middle fingers is most important for the development of a strong, stable and effective pencil grip. The child also needs to learn to release the pincer grip in a slow and controlled manner when pegging the peg onto an item. All of these actions serve to improve graded control in grasping and releasing the pincer grasp, which is essential in the development of a good pencil grip.

Wooden Pinchy Pegs Size: Varies from 2 – 3 cm depending on theme.

Available In a Choice of:

12 Cheeky Pinchy Pegs
20 Multicoloured Pegs
6 Ladybug Pegs
10 Number Pegs