The Wooden Number Tool Box is a great educational tool for children to learn and understand numbers in a hands-on way. With its wooden coloured numbers, counting sticks, and arithmetic function signs, this box provides a concrete way for children to grasp the concept of numbers. It’s perfect for math homework at home and can be easily stored and accessed whenever needed.

The set includes 10 colourful sticks that are ideal for teaching young children how to count and associate quantity with a number. By introducing the colourful digits, children can learn to match and associate the wooden number forms with a specific quantity, enhancing their number recognition skills.

Children at grade R level and beyond, this tool box also introduces the symbols for the functions of addition (+), subtraction (-), and equality (=). This helps children understand basic mathematical operations and lays a strong foundation for further learning.

As children progress in their arithmetic skills, the Wooden Number Tool Box also introduces them to the symbols for multiplication (X) and division (÷). This allows children to expand their understanding of mathematical concepts and develop their problem-solving abilities.

Suitable for children aged 5 and above, this Wooden Number Tool Box is a versatile and engaging educational resource that promotes mathematical learning in a fun and interactive way.